Family Day at Lunch

Rincon Families,

You are invited to have lunch with your student on the FIRST Friday of each month.  You may bring your student lunch from their favorite restaurant, a sack lunch, or you can enjoy a delicious treat from our own Rincon Cafe.  Please bring just enough food for you and your student.  This is a wonderful day that allows you a chance to visit with your student and their friends, dance to the YMCA, and just enjoy a lunch with your student at school.  We hope you will be able to attend at least one of these special days.

Helpful Hint:  Please set up a meeting place for you to meet your student.

5th Period Lunch: 11:42-12:13 (6th/7th Grade)
6th Period Lunch: 12:31-1:02 (7th/8th Grade)